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I attended Michael Oak Waldorf School from Kindergarten until its last year of Grade 10, after which I came to Constantia Waldorf where I matriculated in 2002. Moving from the closeness of Michael Oak to the relative bigness of Constantia was initially unsettling but I gradually came to enjoy the larger groups and new energy.

It’s difficult to ascertain the effect that a Waldorf education has had on me as of course I have nothing to compare it to. I can say for sure that, during my time at university, I never had any problem giving an opinion or asking a question; and I didn’t lap up information without thinking about it myself first. This critical, questioning perspective helped me immensely. Also, I entered my tertiary studies expecting them to be meaningful, which ultimately helps them to be so. This wasn’t the case with some of my peers who, in some instances, seemed to expect education to be disappointing in some way, possibly due to being let down earlier on.

A Waldorf education certainly isn’t a magic potion that makes your future happen for you; but it did help me to stay curious and to trust my own  senses and thoughts, which is fundamentally important.

Since leaving school I studied up to Masters level at Rhodes University, specialising in Drama and ultimately Choreography. I have since followed a career in the arts freelancing as a Choreographer-Director, Dance  Educator and Collaborator on many different types of creative projects. My artistic practice includes professional performances of original work as well as participatory workshops for creative movement experiences. In 2014, I was honoured to receive the highest of accolades in my field of the arts in South Africa, namely the Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Dance. Over the next few years I hope to continue to practice in South Africa but also to explore some international connections.

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