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Class 8

We tend to use the expression, “Children grow up.” However, in a very real sense the progress is in the opposite direction. The inner being of a child, in developing from infant to toddler…

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Class 9

The Class 9 child is undergoing a period of extreme physical and emotional change, and this concept of extremes is reflected in the curriculum of this year with a strong thread of a study…

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Class 10

What one sees emerge in Class 10 students through the year is a clarity of thinking and an increasing ability to form judgements. Essentially the students are leaving behind the chaotic forces of sympathy…

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Class 11

The Class 11 year is one in which the students explore the relationship between the self and the other. It is a time to look inward and ask the question “Who am I?” and…

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Class 12

“The inner question of the eighteen and nineteen year old Class 12 student differs from the seventeen year old. How can I as an individual human being, make an impact on social, economic, technical…

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Class 13

Waldorf Education draws to a close at the end of Term 3 in the Class 12 year. The Class 12’s transition into the National Senior Certificate programme with the focus on specialist subjects which…

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