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Class 1

The first year of Primary School is dedicated to encouraging good habits within the life and work of the classroom. Time is spent building an awareness and respect for the social group of the…

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Class 2

Class 2 can truly be called year of animals and saints. The curriculum allows for the juxtaposition between the foibles of the animals and the redemptive and good qualities of the saints to be…

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Class 3

During Class 3 the child goes through the 9-year-old transformation, which is a significant step for the child’s growing consciousness and self-awareness. Essentially they are waking up to the fact that they are separate…

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Class 4

During Class 4 the child turns 10 years old. At this age the child has crossed the Rubicon, and is now ready to enter the next phase of childhood. Children in Class 4 are…

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Class 5

When the children enter Class 5 they move into the heart of childhood, also known as the golden age of childhood. Physically they have reached a balanced and harmonious proportion, allowing them to perform…

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Class 6

In Class 6, the children turn 12 and this marks a significant change in their physical, psychological and cognitive development as they approach puberty. The forces of growth are now reaching towards the limbs,…

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Class 7

Class 7 is to a large degree the time of the birth of the intellect. Children at this age need to experiment and explore the world. Their powers of reasoning are being exercised and…

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