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Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. "
- Albert Einstein

Waldorf Education draws to a close at the end of Term 3 in the Class 12 year. The Class 12’s transition into the National Senior Certificate programme with the focus on specialist subjects which are taught and examined throughout the Class 13 year.

 Our learners run a rigorous academic year, however we strive to create a balanced program while maintaining the Waldorf ethos for each individual. 

In the first term our Class 13’s celebrate Drama and Afrikaans by going on their final camp together to the ‘Woordfees’ festival in Stellenbosch.  Here they attend many performances from music to theatre pieces. Class 13’s also plan and organise their own Matric dance, including fundraising for this beautiful end of year celebratory evening on their last day.

Our incredible teaching staff supports our learners throughout this year with extra lessons, revision lessons,  as well as supporting the students with any other difficulties which they may be facing before they complete the National Senior Certificate examinations.

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