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At the Primary School Aftercare we endeavor to provide a homely and supportive space for the children. In this area children can relax, play board games, make puzzles and draw or paint at all times. There is a jungle gym close by, trees to climb and ball games can be played on the field.  A seasonal/festival activity is offered for the children who are interested.  A nutritious snack is supplied for lunch and fresh fruit is always available.

This facility is available Monday to Friday (not on the last day of term) between 12.30 and 3pm.


Aftercare teachers:

Primary School: PS Aftercare Teacher 021 794 2103 Hours: Mon-Fri 12:30 to 4:30 pm
Kindergarten: KG Aftercare Teacher 082 661 6080 Hours: Mon-Fri 12:15 to 4:00 pm

The Constantia Waldorf School Aftercare facilities offer a home-like environment for Kindergarten and Primary School children.

The focus of the aftercare is healthy play, rest and nutritious food. The intent is not to structure this time with a whirlwind of activities, but rather to provide a secure daily rhythm within which the child is free to play outside (within the boundary areas) or have quiet time inside.

The school day can be very tiring and overwhelming for some children and timeous collection from Aftercare is strongly encouraged.

The following guidelines have been compiled in support of the aftercare rules:

Rules for the children (mainly for the Primary School aftercare):

  • All children report to aftercare immediately after school ends. If they have extra-mural sport or music lessons, they must check in with the aftercare teacher before their lessons begin.
  • Lunch in both aftercares is served at 1pm. If the children have checked-in but are attending extra mural lessons, their meal will be kept for them.
  • Nutritious meals, snacks and drinks are included in the aftercare fee.
  • Primary School aftercare children may not go to the library or tuckshop without permission.
  • Children help to pack away whatever materials or games they have used before they say goodbye to their aftercare teacher.

For Parents:

  • When collecting your child, please check that he/she has said goodbye to the aftercare teacher.

Aftercare voucher system:

The Constantia Waldorf School Aftercare facility works on a pre-paid voucher system. Before your child can utilise this facility, pre-paid vouchers must be obtained ahead of time from the admin finance office. This system is designed to streamline the Aftercare process and to ensure a smooth experience for both your child and Aftercare staff. The following options are available:
Casual (ad-hoc) vouchers R60.00 per hour. These can be bought in batches of 5 or 10
Half day vouchers 12:15 to 3pm (Kindergarten/Playgroup) or
                                 12:30 to 3pm (Primary School)
                                 These can be bought in batches of 10 @ R750.00 or 20 @ R1 500.00
Full day vouchers 12:30 to 4pm (Kindergarten/Playgroup)
                                12:30 to 4:30 (Primary School)
                                These can be bought in batches of 10 @ R875.00 or 20 @ R1 750.00
Once payment is received for the utilisation of the pre-paid Aftercare facility, Junita will prepare an Aftercare attendance register for the Aftercare teacher to record and monitor your child’s attendance against your pre-paid vouchers. When your pre-paid vouchers are running low and to ensure the continued use of the Aftercare facility, the Aftercare teachers will make contact with you to top up your pre-paid vouchers. In order to ensure that you receive full value for your pre-paid purchase, any unused pre-paid vouchers will be refunded to your fee account at the end of Term 4 of the year of purchase.
Your cooperation in adhering to this system is greatly appreciated as it allows us to provide the best Aftercare for your child. If you have any queries or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to Junita at the Admin Finance Office.


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