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The Constantia Waldorf School is registered as a Non-Profit Organisation under the Companies Act.  The Board of Directors manage and control the financial and legal aspects of the school and also co-ordinate many of the projects that are set up to maintain the efficient running of the school.  The Board consists of a minimum of seven and maximum of 14 members, drawn equally from the College of Teachers and the parent body.  Board members are elected at the Annual General Meeting and the parent board members serve for 3 years, whereupon they may be re-elected or step down. The Board meets at least once per term and the Board and College also meet together to discuss any part of the running of the school that may require input from both bodies.

Constantia Waldorf School is a member of the Independent Schools Association of South Africa (ISASA), the South African Federation of Waldorf Schools and the International Federation of Waldorf Schools.

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