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As a parent you are faced with a series of vitally important choices and decisions for your child. The development of this young human being depends on your understanding of what it means to grow up today- and the physical, emotional, intellectual and moral challenged have never been greater.
Of all decisions you will make, the choice of a school has perhaps the most far reaching consequences. We look forward to sharing this process with you, and talking with you about your child.
The first step is to call our office and speak to the Admissions Secretary, who will ask for a brief background to your interest in our school and about your child in order to address your questions. A visit to the school can be arranged.

The second step is submitting an application with the requirements as listed. This is followed by a student and parent’s interview with the class teacher or guardian as well as a financial office interview with both parents. All applications are then discussed with the relevant faculty and further procedures processed accordingly. A class visit may possibly also be considered.

Please download and read the 'Parent Application Requirements' document below then complete the Online Application Form

Parent Application Requirements
This document contains essential information. Read though and supply what is needed to be submitted with the correct application forms to begin a successful application process.

Please click on the button below and complete the online form

If you are a foreign student ONLY download the following document:

Foreign Student Application Form

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