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Thank you for your interest in the Constantia Waldorf School.

Please download and read the Application Admission Requirements, Process and Fee Schedule document.

Please ensure the online application form is fully and clearly completed.

Please ensure you have all the following documents in digital format, ready to upload at the end of the application form. Kindly note that your application will not be processed without ALL the appropriate documentation being submitted.

  1. Certified copies of 2 most recent full pre-school/school reports, including an end of year report;
  2. Certified copies of any/all assessments, eg educational/remedial/psychological/vision.
    In order to support your child, and gain a full history of their development and progress, all these reports are essential and relevant, even from the younger years. If no report was received this should be requested urgently. Applications cannot be processed without all reports. Full disclosure would be in your child’s best interest;
  3. A Confidential Referral form will be sent to you to forward as soon as possible to the current/last school for their completion, and for them to return to as this is required for our pre-assessment;
  4. Certified copies of birth certificate, unabridged if available, or ID/passport of child;
  5. Both (if possible) parents’ IDs/passports;
  6. A recent photograph of child;
  7. Parent Letter of Motivation;
  8. For High School applications – a hand-written letter of Introduction from the student about themselves, explaining what they would like to experience at school, and if they have any questions at this stage;
  9. Divorce Settlement Agreement and/or Adoption and/or foster documents, if applicable;
  10. Proof of payment for R500 non-refundable Application Fee for South African Nationals and R750 for Foreign Students. Once your child has been accepted, there will be an additional Acceptance Deposit.

For further enquiries please contact our Admissions Officer on 021 794 2103 ext. 103, or email

Step 1: Application Requirements

This document contains essential information regarding the supporting documents required. Read through to assess all that is relevant for your child, as these should be emailed together with the detailed application form. Should you not already have a report for any extra support, counselling or assessment, please request one asap from the practitioner, as this will be required.

For Application Fee Payments refer to the Fee Schedule page 2.

Step 2: Complete the Online Registration Information

Re-check each page is correct before proceeding to the following page, as information recorded on our system is dependent on your correct input.

An automatic email will confirm your successful submission.

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