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I attended Waldorf from Grade 3 (1998) – Grade 10 (2005).

I absolutely loved the nurturing nature of the school! It was just what I needed to develop and be able to grow into the person I am today. I was at Waldorf when I lost both my parents and I strongly believe that if it was not for the support structure it  offered I would not be where I am ? I love that it allows you to be the individual you were put in this world to be, without confining you to a box.

I really loved being at Waldorf. I loved how free we were allowed to be… I loved the fact that there was some spontaneity in the structured school system like having a lesson outside under the trees. I feel that Waldorf did help shape my future as there was no pre determined career attached to you. I feel that Waldorf high lighted the fact that I wanted to help people, I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. It allowed me to be the sensitive, fun loving person that I was born in to this world as.

I studied Somatology at CPUT for 3 years, got my national diploma Cum Luade. I then went on to work on the cruise liners. I now own my own successful spa in Constantia called Loveit spa.

I have so many successes, high points and amazing life experiences. After I graduated I went to work as a spa therapist on the Princess Cruise Liner where I was made head therapist in my first contract. I got to see Alaska which was a complete high light in my travels. I then came home after my contract. Another high light is being made manager of a popular spa in Tokai. I got married to the man of my dreams. I then chased my dream and opened up my own spa room at the Nova Constantia boutique hotel. It was a big move for me. I had to spread my wings and jump… I then flew… I never knew just how successful I would be when going on my own and following my heart. Doors opened and keep opening. I am now a massage therapist for the Stormers Rugby team, for the WP rugby team. I had the opportunity to massage Michael Buble’s sound engineer, I also have 3 amazing local celebrities as my brand ambassadors and there are so many other amazing things I would love to still do… Opportunities are limitless… you are limitless:) Thank you Waldorf!!!!


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