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Waldorf School-Cape TownChildren come into the world as individuals. This inborn individuality only gradually unfolds. The Constantia Waldorf School sees itself as a place where this unfolding can be encouraged. Nurturing individuality, together with the social responsibility this imply, is, we believe, the surest path towards the betterment of humanity.

Our idea of the path of individuation is based on Rudolf Steiner’s insights on education and child development. We seek to make our school a practical expression of these insights.


Our mission at the Constantia Waldorf School is:

  • To create a learning environment which safeguards childhood, and pays equal attention to the physical, emotional and cognitive needs of the child, in full recognition of the fact that balance among these three will vary according to the child’s stage of development.
  • To create a context in which artistic activity is accorded as much educational value as science and both are imbued – in the widest possible sense – with religious sensibility.
  • To cultivate individuals who go out into the world equipped with a feeling for beauty, a sense of truth and a knowledge of responsible action.
  • To provide schooling based upon a comprehensive curriculum, which avoids early specialisation, caters for mixed abilities and is geared as much towards the cultivation of flexibility, imagination and confidence in practical skills, as towards the pursuance of academic achievement.
  • To commit, with openness and warmth, to integrate and support diversity of culture, race, religion, gender, abilities and socioeconomic background into our school and within the whole Waldorf community.
  • To apply the principles of freedom of association and personal initiative in creating a school community in which the teaching body as a whole – in cooperation with parents and administrators – is responsible for management.
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