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I came to Constantia Waldorf School in 2003 into class 11, after attending Michael Oak Waldorf School until the end of Class10. I matriculated at CWS in 2006.

In the Kindergarten I have very strong memories of playing in the sand and the trees, and the sense of freedom that it gave me. I knew there were certain “rules”, and adhered to those (I think!), but still felt free, within the containment of my small Kindergarten world. I was free to be myself and follow my heart. In retrospect I know that this was very important. In Grade 8 I started break dancing in a friendship group and on Michael Oak Sports Days I let loose and did my break dancing performances!

I took up Jewellery Design and Art at CWS with great passion. I managed to do well in my chosen subjects and really enjoyed them thoroughly under the tutelage of my teachers. My class 12 project was breakdancing and hip hop dancing and this opened up doors for me later.

In my 13th year at Waldorf I received much support and help from my teachers. The matric teachers that stand out for me were Mev Wessels, Mrs Mousley, Mrs Fairhead and Marcus Mercer, always ready to guide and support. I remember that Mev Wessels had nick names for all the matric students, and that she always had time for fun, as well as for work.

I feel that through my schooling my creative flair was greatly fostered and it has certainly assisted me on my life path, strongly influencing my study choice. After completing my matric at CWS I studied Jewellery Design and Manufacture at CPUT.

In my 3rd year at CPUT I was assigned a 10 piece jewellery project, and I brought both dancing and art into my jewellery pieces. It was a great success. My passion in life now is my dancing. I have my own dance school called B-ology, teach weekly at Grove Primary and also teach dance part time at Pelican Park High in Grassy Park as my way of giving back to the community.

At school I was encouraged to express myself, and I know that my Waldorf education enabled me to look at all things from different perspectives. This and my passion for dancing has also promoted my own personal healing. When I left school I felt I could be independent and was not afraid to speak up. At CPUT I felt I was able to stand on my own 2 feet and could push himself, and was not dictated to by the teachers there.

One day I would like to send my children to a Waldorf school. With this education, as a child, you are able to be a child – and as a growing teenager independent thought is fostered, encouraging leadership qualities.


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