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I attended Constantia Waldorf School from Grade 5 until I matriculated in 2012.

Thinking back to my time there, the school’s beautiful grounds are among the first most memorable aspects that spring to mind. I remember admiring the view of Table Mountain during break times, feeling appreciative that we are exposed to such beauty on a daily basis. I mention this because I feel it is the environment that Constantia Waldorf School provides which makes it so unique. Not only the physical environment of the grounds play a role in this, but also the environment created within classrooms.

The teachers and teaching methods allowed me to embrace my individuality, encouraging my personal growth as well as academic learning. In my experience it is this holistic approach, the balance of the head and the heart, the left and right brain, which has had the biggest impact on me. It taught me to be self sufficient, self motivated, driven and a grounded individual.

After matriculating in 2012 I chose to take a gap year, during which I worked. I then began studying Brand Building and Management at Vega School of Brand Leadership in 2014. Throughout my tertiary studies I have noticed just how much Waldorf has impacted my life.

In terms of practical skills, Waldorf taught me to be a good presenter. I have often been complimented on my ability to present confidently and clearly, which is something I have Waldorf (and specifically the class 12 projects) to thank for.

I will be completing my degree at the end of 2016 and am currently in the process of deciding what to do once I have finished. I will definitely continue to further my education, by either doing honors or by enrolling in more specified short-term courses. At the moment I believe I will be moving more towards digital marketing as this is where my interest lies, but I will see what other opportunities present themselves along the way.

Despite my many grumbles and complaints about having to color borders in main lesson books and having to draw pictures in math class, the balance of creativity and academics did wonders for me. It has taught me to think out-of-the-box, to balance logic and structure with fluidity and creativity, enabling me to approach any obstacle holistically and objectively.

Most importantly, Waldorf provided the environment for me to learn and grow naturally, ultimately allowing me to develop into the grounded person I am today.

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